Bringing Awareness to Important Charities

Tresca Brothers Concrete

Starting from an idea by the Tresca Family, Tresca Brothers Concrete, renowned for its charitable contributions, is making good use of its concrete mixer trucks to display advertisements for various charities and military organizations. To date, Tresca Brothers has helped close to 100 charities through this initiative. 

The following article takes a look at the good works of Tresca Brothers Concrete. 

Tresca Brothers Concrete is situated in Millis-Medfield, MA, and has been supplying ready-mixed concrete and other construction materials in the Metro-Boston area since 1920. Now owned by the third generation of the Tresca Family, they put their over 100 years of experience to good use, both in the construction industry and in charity work and awareness.

How it All Started

It is thanks to the Tresca Family that the company originally started using their mixer trucks as rolling billboards to support various causes. Passionate about charitable causes himself, Tresca has actively supported organizations such as the American Liver Foundation, American Cancer Society, Buddy Dog Humane Society, and the Half the Sky Foundation, among many others. 

Starting out by displaying a small number of charities on the side of the cement mixer trucks, it soon became clear that this initiative was incredibly popular. The number of charities that they began representing soon grew, with many customers and drivers requesting causes close to them be advertised as well.

It’s not just charities that are featured by Tresca Brothers on their fleet, though. Military organizations also take the spotlight, showing the company’s support of military men and women whether they are veterans or still in active service. 

A Clean Image

By raising awareness of such important work, it’s imperative that the trucks remain squeaky clean to show off the cause they are representing. As a result, this not only catches the attention of would-be donors, but also helps keep the professional reputation of Tresca Brothers Concrete pristine. 

Other Good Deeds

It’s not just putting the charities’ information on the side of their vehicles where Tresca Brothers supports good causes. They are also happy to bring the trucks along to charity fundraising events in order to help to raise even more money. 

As evidence of the amazing work that they do, Tresca Brothers has also received glowing testimonials both for their professional service and for their support in fundraising for various causes. 

Among their biggest achievements is raising over $70,000 for the Consigli Foundation, as well as helping a fundraiser for FSGS research raise over $135,000.

Tresca Brothers Concrete

National Recognition

This good work has not gone unrewarded. In 2008, Tresca Brothers was awarded by the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) for their fleet graphics, receiving recognition across the country for their initiative. However, some may argue that the true prize is being able to help out so many great causes. 

How to Get Involved

Tresca Brothers is happy to promote many charitable causes around the New England area, having their logo and information painted on the trucks at no cost to the nominee or the charity. For those that can think of a suitable organization, be sure to get in touch with them.